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The Information Governance Conference 2017: Ready For Impact

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#InfoBOK (The Information Body of Knowledge)

Let's work together to define the knowledge of our profession.

We are working at defining an Information Body of Knowledge (#InfoBOK). A useful, defined, and open source body of knowledge for enterprise information would be an incredible advancement for our profession: So we're working with our Members to help define it, and we invite YOU to join us in our effort.

We are currently defining the primary areas of the #InfoBOK, and we'd love your help in a number of different areas:

  1. Define the areas of the #InfoBOK (Ended 10/31/16 - results available)
  2. ACTIVE: Develop each area (definition, key points) in the #InfoBOK
  3. Develop testing basis
  4. Provide certificate-generating #InfoBOK testing (internal testing)
  5. Eventual development of a certification-generating #InfoBOK test (external testing)
#InfoBOK Completition: 30%

2: Develop each area (definition, key points) in the #InfoBOK

Interested in defining the new body of knowledge for the information profession? We are creating the first and only open source body of knowledge, because we believe transparency is a key to successful adoption of new standards today. You can see our community-driven efforts on our Trello #InfoBOK development board or request an invitation.

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