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About Us

What is the Information Coalition?

Information Coalition advances community-driven best practices in enterprise information. Founded in response to specific requests, we provide collaborative, hands-on, and specific resources to enable you to best reduce risk and increase the value of your information and processes.

How Is Information Coalition Different?

We are not an association and we are not a consulting firm, we are something completely different: we are the coalition of the collective knowledge of the community of information professionals.

  • We are not narrowly focused on a single information discipline, we are collaboratively based across disciplines.
  • We are not a theoretical exercise, we are practical guidance.
  • We are not ourselves the drivers of this effort, we are a reflection and syndication of the community’s combined efforts, a conduit.
  • We are not a cult of personality, we are driven by and for the community’s benefit.

We work with you, the information professional, to connect you to the resources you need to achieve enterprise information success. Enterprise Information success requires a comprehensive perspective through the full breadth of disciplines you need to control, share, and protect your organization’s information assets.

This is not a new direction for our leadership team, this is at the very heart of how we have always served the community and continue to do so. As the founders and collaborators behind The Information Governance Conference, the first and premier event focused on governing information, we were the first to crowdsource our conference sessions and leverage the community to determine what content was most relevant. Likewise, for our awards programs, we don’t select award winners, we enable you to make the selections. We exist as enablers of the community, not pillagers of it.

Information Coalition exist as a reflection of your combined expertise, the syndication of community based input. Our leadership team is not the Information Coalition, you are. We exist merely as a conduit of the community and as such, we don’t point the spotlight at ourselves, we point it at you.

Why we exist:

  • There is a need for relevant and competent resources for enterprise information.
  • There is a need for cross-functional resources that extend beyond smaller communities of practice and narrowly focused professional groups.
  • There is a need for best practices for enterprise information.
  • There is a need for community connection both wide and narrow.

What Does it Cost to Belong to the Information Coalition?

Being a Member of the Information Coalition is free. This is your community regardless of your ability to pay and our Essentials Membership exists to give you a voice in your community. Since there are costs associated with providing the array of enhanced resources and services that we have available to you, the option to upgrade your membership exists and depends on your needs. Come join us.

Leadership Team

Nick Inglis, CIP, IGP

President, Information Coalition

Nick Inglis is President of the Information Coalition, Co-Founder of The Information Governance Conference, and Founder of The Information Symposium. Inglis is the author of the AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit and creator of the Information Governance Model. Inglis is a contributor to U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, and others. He gives back to the enterprise information community through his work with the Information Coalition, the Information Governance Conference, as well as both AIIM and ARMA. Previously, Mr. Inglis served as the Director of Professional Development at AIIM and was one of the youngest Assistant Vice Presidents in Bank of America's history. Inglis is the Co-Creator of the ARMA Information Governance Professional (IGP) educational course. When not adding to his collection of certificates and certifications (CIP, IGP, ERMm, SharePointm, BPMm, E2.0m, ECMm, IMCP), he is likely spending time with his son, Conor Atom.

Jim Merrifield, CIP, IGP

Vice President, Information Coalition

Jim Merrifield is the firm-wide Information Governance Manager at Robinson & Cole LLP and Co-founder of the first ever conference focused exclusively on information governance, InfoGovCon. He is an respected advisor in the information governance community and active member of a number of industry associations including: ILTA, IAPP and ARMA. Jim’s experience within information governance includes deployment of enterprise programs, policy development and enforcement, creation of disposition programs and technology solution evaluation. He has published numerous publications, frequently speaks on information governance and data privacy issues, and has provided consulting services to law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Rich Mesquita

Vice President, Information Coalition

Richard Mesquita is a Founding Partner & CTO at Optismo. Richard has over 15 years experience in both information technology and marketing. Richard has a helped organizations of all sizes build strategic plans and implement compliant software solutions.

Steve Weissman

Vice President, Information Coalition

Steve Weissman is a consultant, analyst and professional trainer with a 20-year record of success in enterprise information and process improvement. Known as The Info Gov Guy™, he is long committed to the information management community; among his many achievements, posts, and honors are creator of the Process Innovation Awards, which ran for 10 years as the only program designed to honor customer organizations for their creative and effective use of information technology; AIIM Conference Committee Chairman; AIIM New England Chapter President; AIIM Fellow; and BFMA International Board Member. Perhaps best known as the founding force behind Holly Group, he also is the original face of the AIIM Certified Information Professional preparation program.

Advisory Board

Alexander Campbell, M.S., ERMp

Business Partner Relations Chair
Records Manager, Cohen & Gresser, LLP.

Alexander Campbell is the Records Manager at Cohen & Gresser, LLP in New York City. He is also the Vice President of Advertising & Promotions and Chairman of the sponsorship committee for the ARMA Metropolitan New York City Chapter. Alexander holds a masters in information and digital resource management from Columbia University and a BA in organizational leadership from Fordham University.

We'll be making announcements about our newly forming Advisory Board shortly.