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IC Honors Fellows

The Information Coalition, each year beginning in 2017 will be selecting one individual to receive the distinction of becoming an Information Coalition Honors Fellow.

While there are fellows programs to honor people who have served their profession with distinction for Records, for Information Management, for Privacy, and for nearly every other vertical discipline in the information profession- there has been no such accolades or recognition for those who have tirelessly connected together the disciplines, who have worked at a high level to make the coordination of the profession more seamless and function better. This is the role of the Information Coalition Honors Fellow Program, a fellow program that recognizes the work of individuals who have been cross-functional in their scope – whose breadth across multiple disciplines has made them distinct rather than their depth in a single discipline.

The Information Coalition Honors Fellows-

Information Coalition Honors Fellow #1:
Laurence Hart

What follows is a copy of the speech given by Information Coalition President, Nick Inglis, to honor and announce Laurence Hart as IC Honors Fellow #1 at The Information Governance Awards Ceremony of The Information Governance Conference 2017 (Sept 27, 2017).

"Tonight, we will be naming Information Coalition Honors Fellow number one. The first of hopefully many who will over the years gain this unique distinction. Our honoree doesn’t know that they are about to be honored – but fortunately, they are here tonight.

Our honoree tonight started in mainframe COBOL conversions. He went on to work on a major Air Force project. He has architected numerous information systems and worked with EMC Documentum, SharePoint, eRoom, Adobe, Alfresco, FileNet, Nuxeo, and Open Text. He worked at early ECM leader, Hummingbird. He helped usher in the CMIS – Content Management Interoperability Standard – by both working on the standard and being a vocal advocate for its’ adoption. Most of the products available today have at least some CMIS compliant functionality built into them making it easier for all of the various systems available to communicate with one another. He worked with several companies focusing largely on Documentum for years and gained notoriety for his probing and honest questioning – as well as prolific writing and blogging.

When he became the CIO of AIIM, it surprised none. At AIIM he led the transition and revitalization of several core technologies and moved the organization out of the server closet and into the Cloud (all in less than 2 years, I might add). All the while, we’ve had the honor of being able to read his insights, thoughts, reviews, and opinions through his incredibly popular and incredibly helpful blog I had the honor of working alongside our first Information Coalition Honors Fellow at AIIM and have been honored to call him a colleague, friend, and mentor.

After our second year of this conference when I considered simply walking away from it, Laurence Hart encouraged me to continue on – and I’m so incredibly glad that I listened to him. If you are nice enough to him and have a few beers, you may one day hear the story of the nickname “pie” – which he lives up to with the greatest pecan pie I’ve ever tasted. Before I continue rambling on about how great a guy he is – let me end with this… Laurence Hart’s contributions to this profession have been consistent - for so many years. His thoughts have made multibillion dollar companies rethink strategies and technology functionality. His efforts have changed how each of us work in this profession - whether you realize It or not. Will you please join me up here, Information Coalition Honors Fellow number one, Laurence Hart."

- Nick Inglis, President, Information Coalition


Information Coalition Honors Fellow #2:
To Be Announced In 2018