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Malware attacking your computer

If you input in your browser, that may redirect you to a strange page. You will see something that looks like a Facebook page. It features a YouTube video and may display extra URL: The address varies from case to case.

Do not click the video. Clicking the link launches the installation of a critical virus. It may affect Facebook and overall computer settings.

If you still proceed with the above dialogue, the page will invite you to download some freeware. It may call it VideoCovertor. The naming does not correspond to the item actually available.If you go that far, do not download anything. The download contains a virus. Leave the tricky page and restart your browser. Apply free scan solution, preferably the one available herewith.

Startgo123 is a browser hijacker. It affects a range of browser adjustments. On the surface, you will experience redirects to annoying ads; your new tab, default search, and similar preferences willchange as ordered by the malicious invader.

IT security has notified the Internet community of this risk. However, it tends to ignore the viral background ofthe adware.Unlike most of the advertising apps, Startgo123 does not just generate web-traffic. The above facebook example indicates the rogue may drop a critical malware. Removal of Startgo123 hijacker is thus a matter of overall system security.

The infection harnesses a range of routines to get into target computers. The most common infection vector resorts to a bundled download scheme.The latter implies the victims download something attractive from the web. For instance, you may want to download a video converter. There are hundreds of options, most of them free. There's no such thing as a free lunch. As you grab warez or freeware or such like free unverified contents, beware of the concealed items attached to the target. That is to say, a free video converter installation includes the adware introduction without adequate notification of the user concerned.

The bundling infiltration prevails but does not exclude other options. In general, poor security performance, failure to update software enable alternate infecting scenarios.

Adware like the one described above is nasty but not as dangerous as the Crypt0L0cker virus. It is a file encrypting ransomware that locks all your data and demands ransomware payment to decrypt it. It uses very strong encryption techniques and cannot be decrypted. Only hackers who have the private decryption key may unlock your files. To stay safe and you should make regular backups of your files and system

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