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The Information Governance Conference 2017: Ready For Impact

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What's Your Information Strategy?

The Information Coalition advances community-driven best practices in organizational information strategy. We provide collaborative, hands-on, and specific resources to enable you to best reduce risk and increase the value of your information.
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Laurence Hart - Information Governance in the Age of Digital Transformation

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One of the top thought leaders in the information profession, Laurence Hart, shares his thoughts on how Information Governance and Digital Transformation overlap and interact.

New Research: Information Strategy 2017

New Research: Information Strategy 2017

This year’s research begins with a focus on Information Strategy and how companies are managing their strategic information focus. With nearly 1000 points of data, this research expands on our prior research. We’ve extracted 15 primary findings for this report and are pleased to initially share this research exclusively with our Professional Members, Underwriting Organizations, and Vendor Sponsors.

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The Information Governance Conference 2016 Rewind (#InfoGov16 Rewind)


Join hosts Nick Inglis and Jim Merrifield for a rewind of our #InfoGov16 Rewind event featuring sessions from Linn Freedman, Phil Eil, Kevin Parker, Laurence Hart, Russell Stalters, Cheryl McKinnon, Dennis Garcia, Laurie Fischer, Ann Gorr, Seth Maislin, and a special update on our #InfoBOK efforts.

Phil Eil - I Sued Uncle Sam - And Won: Lessons From A Five-Year FOIA Fight

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Journalist Phil Eil has been locked in a legal battle with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency over what information should be available to the public. Hear Eil's incredibly compelling story of the Freedom of Information Act, a prescription drug dealing doctor, and the role of transparency in government.

Real World #InfoGov Journeys (Case Studies) - Susan Whitmire, Richard Hogg (#InfoGov16)

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Who’s really doing InfoGov? & Do organization ever realize any benefits from an Information Governance program?

This session will cover:

  • On-Ramps for InfoGov and the Journey
  • Measuring InfoGov Benefits and Results
  • How two organizations realized the benefits of an IG program

Information governance is a journey not a sprint. To get to governance, you will need a methodical and proven approach to bring together stakeholders from the business, IT, RIM, Privacy and Legal.

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Steve Weissman
13 April 2017
A Discussion PaperAuthors: Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Deep Analysis) & Steve Weissman (Holly Group)Statement of PurposeThis discussion paper provides an overview of how future information governance (IG) platforms may be envisaged and built utilizing blockchain – perhaps the key point being that all the ...
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Steve Weissman
03 April 2017
Authors: Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Deep Analysis) & Steve Weissman (Holly Group)If records and content management issues such as security, privacy, and compliance seem everlasting, that's because they are! What aren't everlasting though, are the so-called information governance "technologies" we use to ...
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